As we celebrate Independence Day, it’s wonderful to think about gathering with family and friends in our own gardens, enjoying the beauty and tranquility that gardening brings—a tradition rooted in the very foundation of our country.

Our founding fathers were gardeners, farmers, and landscape designers. The most notable of them was George Washington, who envisioned beautiful gardens throughout Mount Vernon for his family and many guests. There are Four Gardens at Mount Vernon as well as a farm and greenhouse that was built for functionality for the Washingtons. One notable garden is the Boxwood garden where there are several varieties of boxwoods.

A Legacy of Gardens and Independence

George Washington’s dedication to gardening and landscape design is evident in the meticulous care and planning that went into the gardens of Mount Vernon. The Boxwood Garden, in particular, showcases the elegance and timeless appeal of boxwoods, which have become a symbol of classic American garden design.

This Independence Day, why not draw inspiration from Washington’s vision and incorporate the beauty of boxwoods into your own garden? Boxwoods are not only versatile and hardy, but they also add a touch of historical charm to any landscape.

Transform Your Garden with “Boxwood Be With You”

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